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Passion and engagement

Founded in 1955 by Mr. Galli Franco, Pennelli Rex is operating in the brush and roller sector producing and selling a wide range of articles intended for painting, building and do it yourself for more than 40 years. We have managed to grow from a small handicraft laboratory to a large company situated in Casalbellotto in the province of Cremona. We have come a long way through tenacity, passion, intuition and knowledge and we have thus assured the high quality of the products that are being sold daily on the Italian, European and Middle Eastern markets.




High qualitative standards

Flat paint brushes, brushes for all uses, rollers for industry, for whitewashers and for creating special effects, minirollers, sponges, nets for buckets are some of the products that Mr. Galli is producing and selling, with the help of his children, Luana and Oscar. Our main goal is to make a high-quality, truly professional product, by conducting a constant research on the best materials and best usage of the machinery.
The old vision of the founder, working in the early 1960s, has thus been transformed into a new reality ready to face the new challenges, in the era determined by technological innovation and increasingly geared toward electronic commerce. And so Penelli Rex will continue to affirm the goals that have been reached due to the coherent politics of expansion, constant control of the quality standards and high regard of the human resources within the company.


The dominant philosophy driving the Pennelli Rex is "customer satisfaction" whatever the need may be.
This objective is pursued by:

  • guaranteeing a good quality product
  • continuous product innovation and production technology in response to newly developed decoration techniques
  • up to date and efficacious sales services

Commercial service

The Pennelli Rex considers its collaborators as one of its most important and valid resources. The Rex work with over 50 collaborators in all the italian market and in many european coventryes. All in all Rex's collaborators are top professionals whose behavior is oriented at obtaining the best possible results through group or individual expression.


"you can find thousand excuses for no live in the professional way
... and only one reason to do it.

Pennelli Rex"

Pennelli Rex

Funded in 1955 by Galli Franco, Pennelli Rex operates in the field of brushes, reels, fine arts and construction equipment. It has been producing and selling for 50 years a wide variety of products concerning the industry of painting, construction and DIY





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