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Fhases of production

All the phases of the production is different, in order to create the final product.

Pennelli Rex is able to make a diverse line of products by using sofisticated machinery that utilises the newest technology combined with work that is done manually to ensure the guaranteed quality of our products.

Lavorazione pennelli

1) The stocking of the raw materials: the natural bristle is imported from China by Rex in it's original state and arrives carefully packaged.

2) Specialised equipment is used to mechanically mix the different types of bristle in order to reach our prefered level of quality after  which the bristle is inserted into the metal ring.
3) Manual finishing is used to ensure that the perfect technical result is obtained.
4) During the mechanical completion process the handle of the brush is attached to the metal ring.
5) The handle of the brush is mechanically secured and finishing touches is electronically made to the end of the bristle to ensure that they are all in the same length.
6) More finishing touches is made by suctionning and combing the bristle.
7) Packaging.

The making of the rollers

1) The tissue and sheepskin is cut into strips. It goes through a thermo melt phase to create the cycilinder form.

2) The cycilinder form is cut into the required sises.
3) The product is completed mechanically.
4) Packaging.

The main phases of the production is presented in order to demostrate the specialised technologies that are used as well as the quality management that is done to determinate the superiore quality of our professional products.

Pennelli Rex

Funded in 1955 by Galli Franco, Pennelli Rex operates in the field of brushes, reels, fine arts and construction equipment. It has been producing and selling for 50 years a wide variety of products concerning the industry of painting, construction and DIY





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