Pennelli Rex

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For decorative paints

Art. 072 / F

Toothed trowel on one side for the laying of decorative material products.

The new trowel 072/F, tested by professionals in the interior decoration industry,

allows you to roll out the decorative material product, with uniformity and without erring the spreading load.

The rubber handle allows you to have a firm grip and an ergonomic greep without straining your wrist.

The double blade allows the application of the product with the toothed part and the smoothing with the lamata part.

This trowel was built with the best stainless steel, giving the right charm of the textured texture in the polishing phase.

Three edges and one toothed.

Plastic covers on both sides of the trowel.

Produced and distributed by Pennelli Rex.


Available sizes:  270x120

Pennelli Rex

Funded in 1955 by Galli Franco, Pennelli Rex operates in the field of brushes, reels, fine arts and construction equipment. It has been producing and selling for 50 years a wide variety of products concerning the industry of painting, construction and DIY





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